Travel Clinic

Do you need immunisations?

There are vaccinations that you must have to travel to some countries.

Some vaccinations require more than one dose, so contact your travel clinic at least 6 to 8 weeks before travel, when possible.

If you have arranged to travel at the last minute you should still seek advice, vaccines given late are better than no protection at all.

If you have had vaccines before, check you are still covered as you may need further doses.

Where to go for advice

GPs, the NHS Travel Clinic and now some Community Pharmacies provide a travel medicine service and advice for your trip abroad. As well as immunisations, some can also offer a useful range of travel accessories.

Appointments are necessary and will include:

  • Discussion on the countries you will be travelling to.
  • Information on the health risks in those countries.
  • What immunisations you will require and why.
  • The immunisations you will need (further appointments may be needed).
  • Your need for protection against Malaria and the medication you should take.

To find out where this service is available locally please call the free healthline on 0500 20 20 30. If you are unable to keep a pre-booked appointment for any reason, please cancel it in good time.

Is there a cost?

You may be required to pay a charge for immunisations. This may be a NHS prescription fee or the full cost of the vaccine. This will depend on which vaccine you get and where you are given them. Please ask for further information on charges when booking your appointment.

Where can I go to get more advice?

For further information, please contact your own GP, pharmacist, or travel clinic or call the free healthline on 0500 20 20 30 to find your nearest travel medicine service.