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About Us

Research Ethics Committees are the Committees convened to provide the independent advice to participants, researchers, funders, sponsors, employers, care organisations and professionals on the extent to which proposals for research studies comply with recognised ethical standards.

The purpose of a Research Ethics Committee in reviewing the proposed study is to protect the dignity, rights, safety and well being of all actual or potential research participants. It shares this role and responsibility with others, as described in the Research Governance arrangements.

The Committees will adhere to the current Governance Arrangements for NHS Research Ethics Committees in accordance with GAFREC Principles. The Committees are fully compliant with the International Committee on Harmonisation/Good Clinical Practise (ICH) guidelines for the conduct of trials involving the participation of human subjects as they relate to the responsibilities, composition, function, operations and records of an Independent Ethics Committee/ Independent Review Board (IEC/IRB).

On 1 April 2007, the Grampian Committees formally became the North of Scotland Research Ethics Service covering Grampian, Highlands and Islands, Orkney and Shetland.